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Adoptions are handled through Probate Court. There are two types of adoptions. First, some couples find a child to adopt, not related by blood or marriage, either informally or through a recognized adoption agency. We can assist, but you must work through Children’s Services, or Catholic Charities, or other court recognized groups. Second, a step-parent may wish to adopt the child of the new spouse and, increasingly, grandparents are seeking to adopt grandchildren. We can help you with this type of adoption.

Adoptions generally require that both parents be notified by the Court of the proposed adoption, and it requires the consent of both parents, if living. There are two notable exceptions:

  • Where the non-residential parent has had no contact with the child for more than one year. Note, the residential parent cannot discourage or in any way inhibit contact or visitation.
  • Where the non-residential parent has not paid child support for more than one year.

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