Helping Clients Resolve Probate Administration & Litigation Matters

At the Jefferson, Ohio, law office of Smith & Miller, Attorneys at Law, our professionals are highly experienced estate planning and probate professionals that can offer clear, client-driven guidance based on more than 40 years of experience. Our goal is to help you develop an estate plan to provide for the needs of those you love, avoid probate, and reduce your legal costs.

We understand that probate can be frustrating, difficult and expensive. Our attorneys work every step of the way to provide effective guidance and, if we are forced into courtroom litigation, we employ decades worth of combined litigation experience.

Services and Support Through a Complex Process

Not understanding the probate process, and when and how it can be avoided, can lead to unnecessary costs and can expose you to significant risk through the uncertainty of litigation. Our lawyers understand the estate planning and probate process, and we can work to reduce your risk and cost.

We build custom solutions to fit your particular needs, which often involves the following services:

  • Selling real and personal estate property
  • Identifying creditors
  • Paying creditors in the right order (order of priority)
  • Keeping beneficiaries informed as to how things are proceeding
  • Resolving Medicaid issues
  • Ensuring that all income and expenses are properly accounted for and each beneficiary gets what they deserve
  • Helping you exercise the fiduciary duty an executor owes to the beneficiaries of an estate.

While even the most diligent attention to these services cannot prevent another party from pursuing litigation, we work to ensure that your interests are protected from the beginning and that we act quickly and efficiently to resolve any issues that create risk for you.

Additional Probate Matters

We can help you navigate the tricky and shark infested waters of other probate type cases not tied to estates. These can include adoption issues, which are covered on our family law page, as well as wrongful death actions and name changes. Whatever guidance and counsel you need in probate courts, our office is ready to meet that need.

Put Experience on Your Side in Probate Matters

To schedule a consultation with our attorneys you can reach us at 440-576-9155 or contact us online for an appointment. We can help you begin to take the right steps to protect yourself and your family here in Northeast Ohio. Our Jefferson office is conveniently located right across the street from the Ashtabula County Courthouse.