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As Jefferson real estate attorneys, we have the opportunity to represent clients throughout Northeastern Ohio with their real estate needs. Contact our Jefferson real estate lawyers today to schedule an appointment. We have a comprehensive understanding of both transactions and litigation.

Ohio Purchase Agreement Lawyers

At Smith & Miller, Attorneys at Law, we offer representation in a variety of real estate matters, including:

  • Landlord-tenant issues: We represent landowners and lessors in eviction hearings and welcome the opportunity to draft and review lease agreements. Landlord-tenant law can be complicated and failure to follow proper procedures can be costly.
  • Land installment contracts: Land installment contracts are contracts to sell land over a period of years with the buyer obtaining title only after the price has been paid. These contracts are risky for buyers because they are making payments without a title. They are also risky for sellers who are still liable for taxes — the sellers may have to institute foreclosure proceedings to evict buyers who don’t pay. These contracts must meet statutory standards and must be recorded.
  • Owner-financed land sales: Owner-financed sales are almost identical to bank-financed sales, except that no bank is involved and the buyer makes mortgage payments to the seller. The buyer may take immediate title to the land, but the owner obtains a first mortgage and can foreclose in a default. As in all real estate transactions, we strongly recommend you employ an experienced title company.
  • Real estate purchase agreements: We prepare comprehensive purchase agreements for the traditional sales of land, whether paid in cash or financed by the bank. Our Ohio purchase agreement attorneys also prepare easements, deeds and other documents relating to land.
  • Deeds: Our lawyers take the time to talk with you regarding any transfer you want to make by deed, whether quitclaim deed without any warranty or representation, or warranty deed representing that there are no liens or encumbrances upon the property. Unless directed otherwise, we draft deeds to include provisions for joint survivorship to help you avoid probate. You are always advised of the implications in Medicaid or bankruptcy of the transfer you wish to make.

In all of our transactions, we work to make sure that you are protected, and that there are no liens, encumbrances or other burdens on the land you are buying or selling. We strongly encourage all clients to have title searches completed on all sales or purchases from a qualified land title agency.

We also provide real estate litigation services when disputes arise.

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